Congress Crisis Communication

Nov 4, 2011 von

It is a paradoxical truth that crises bring out the best in people.

Having to react to a crisis – on whichever scale or in whatever time frame – is a sure-fire way of finding out what you’re made of. And it follows that in the field of communications, seldom do professionals have to draw on all aspects of their discipline than when reacting to a potentially overwhelming set of circumstances. But the communications function shouldn’t only be involved in handling a crisis; more and more attention is being given to the preparatory groundwork that makes companies crisis-proof (or at least better positioned to look a crisis in the eyes). And communications are absolutely vital in patching up the company after the storm has passed: reputation management and employee engagement stabilise a company battered by crisis.

This conference tracks the role of communications throughout the life-span of a crisis: before, during and after. In this way, it should help unearth certain commonalities in all three phases and thereby underline the essential tools that you need to know in this ever-uncertain world.

Prof. Peter Voß
President, Quadriga University of Applied Sciences

Mailand 10. und 11. November 2011. Mehr Infos auf:

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